If you have designer clothes, shoes and accessories that you would prefer to donate, I am raising funds for 2 charities very close to my heart.

As a breast cancer survivor (6 years in remission), I will be eternally grateful for the advances in cancer research.  My son was only 12 when I was diagnosed, and I was a single parent.  With no parents of my own and no contact with my Son’s father, he would have probably ended up in the care system if I had died.  Thankfully, I am still here; my son is now 18, but 1996/97 was the worst year of my life.  As well as my son, my dogs were also by my side through the trauma.  It is incredible how calming having the love of a dog is.  Dogs and cats have been a large part of my life from being a young girl, and they are part of the family.  I simply cannot imagine why and how people can mistreat animals.  It breaks my heart.

Now it is time to give something back, so please consider donating your no longer wanted or needed designer clothes, shoes and accessories. 

I will collect free of charge

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is a leading animal welfare charity in London, England.  Founded in 1860, the organisation’s primary mission is to rescue and care for dogs and cats who are abandoned, abused, or unwanted, with the aim of finding them loving new homes.

The charity operates three sites in London: Battersea, Old Windsor, and Brands Hatch. At these sites, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has kennels and cattery facilities to care for over 7,000 animals annually. The organisation also has a veterinary hospital on-site that provides care for the animals in their care, as well as for pets in the local community.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is committed to rehoming as many dogs and cats as possible. To achieve this, the charity works with potential adopters to find the perfect pet for their lifestyle and personality. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has an extensive assessment process for all animals in their care to ensure they are healthy, well-behaved, and ready for a new home.

The organization also runs a range of services to support pet owners in the community, including low-cost veterinary care, education and training programs, and a pet fostering service for people who cannot care for their pets.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is funded through a range of sources, including donations from the public, corporate sponsorships, and income generated through their on-site shops and events. The organisation relies on the support of volunteers to help care for the animals in their care and run its various programs and services.

In addition to their animal welfare work, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and raising awareness about animal welfare issues. The organisation advocates for legislative changes to improve animal lives and provides expert advice to government bodies and other organisations on animal welfare issues.

Overall, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is a well-respected and highly-regarded animal welfare charity that provides essential services for dogs and cats in need and pet owners. The organisation’s commitment to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership has significantly impacted the lives of thousands of animals and people in the UK and beyond.


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the largest cancer research charity in the United Kingdom, dedicated to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The charity was formed in February 2002, when Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund merged to create one organisation.

Cancer Research UK’s main aim is to reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer and improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease. They invest in research to understand the causes of cancer, develop new treatments, and improve the care and support provided to people affected by cancer.

The organisation is funded entirely by donations from the public and supporters, and they use the funds to support groundbreaking research and scientific discovery.

They have an extensive portfolio of research projects across various cancer types, including breast, lung, prostate, and many others.

Cancer Research UK also promotes cancer prevention and awareness, encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles, such as stopping smoking, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, and participating in cancer screening programs. The charity also runs a free, confidential helpline staffed by cancer nurses who provide information and support to cancer patients.

Cancer Research UK has a strong reputation for scientific research and innovation, and they have made many important discoveries over the years. For example, they were instrumental in developing the HPV vaccine, which can prevent many cases of cervical cancer.

The charity also works closely with other organizations and institutions, such as the National Health Service (NHS), universities, and pharmaceutical companies, to ensure their research is translated into new treatments and therapies for cancer patients.

Overall, Cancer Research UK is a highly respected and influential organisation in the fight against cancer. Their research, advocacy, and support services have significantly impacted the lives of millions of people affected by cancer in the UK and beyond.


Registered Charity Number: 206394

Registered Charity Number: 1089464