How to shop

Welcome and thank you for visiting Designer Dress Agency.

I’ve included instructions below on how to shop on this website.

You can select Ladies, Shoes, Handbags or Men from the main menu. 

This will take you to the products page which will display the items from your choice.  You will also see all the shop categories on the left side of the page.

Under the categories, there is also the option to filter by size and price.

  • To search you can just select the category you want to see.
  • Then filter by size (the filter will only display the sizes available in that category)
  • Then, adjust the price slider to display the items within a price range.
You will now see all the products that fall within your selected criteria.
Click on the product you would like to see more information about.  This will open a page displaying a description of the item including measurements where applicable and additional photographs.
If you want to buy that product, click add to cart.  If you buy from outside the UK, you can select your currency in the top box on the left side.
The cart icon on the main menu shows you the number of items in your cart and if you hover over the cart icon a pop-up window will show you what is in your cart. 
When you have finished shopping, click check out on the pop-up cart box.  You will be taken to the payment screen.
You will need to enter your details and have the option to create an account if you wish.
You pay either by debit/credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.
Your order is placed once you’ve made the payment, and you’ll get a confirmation email.