Designer Dress Agency Services

Lots of people have many items of clothing they have only worn a handful of times and  very often never worn at all.  Some ladies only like to wear items once or maybe like  me, you see an outfit, love it, have to have it, only to get it home and realise  that you will never actually wear it.  Now, come on ladies admit it, I am not on my own here!

So what do we do with all these unwanted next to new items? We leave them in our  wardrobes for months, sometimes years thinking “I might wear that one day” until  eventually we’ve had it so long we can justify either giving it to charity, a friend or putting it in the bin. This of course is great for charities/friends but not so good for us and not so great for the environment!


This is where Designer Dress Agency steps in.  You contact me by phone or email, and I will come out and collect free of  charge (50 mile radius from Swindon + London – see map) and sell them for you.  All you need to do is sort out your unwanted items and put them to one side for me to collect.  It is as simple as that.  The rest is done by me.  I always carry identification for verification and you can be assured of 100% discretion at all times.

All items are sold online.  Items are photographed on a mannequin so they are presented in the best possible way.  Selling online means, I am not relying on local people coming into a shop.  My internet shop is accessed by the World daily.  Also, once your items have been photographed and listed, they will be stored in a secure, clean environment until sold.  They will not be touched or tried on by anyone.

I am happy to take items from all seasons, sizes, and ages.  I love to sell unusual and eclectic items.  

There is no limit to the number of items you can give me to sell.  Your items once listed, will be kept live for at least 12 months (although I am happy to keep them live for as long as it takes).  Any unsold items will either be returned to you or donated to charity.

Just so you know, the items you want to sell must be in excellent saleable condition. All buttons must be present, garments must be clean, no bobbling or holes etc.  If in doubt ask your Mum or friend if she would buy it in its current condition, if the answer is no, then the chances are no one else will buy it. The better the condition of an item, the more money you will get.  In addition to this, if you have original packaging and receipts, please include them.

Profit from sales is shared between us on a 50/50 basis.

You are welcome to collect any unsold items, alternatively I will donate to charity.

Non Designer Items


The Dress Agency service is offered only for designer & high value items.  However, I will buy your non desginer items by the kilo.  This flexible service means you can sort out your wardrobes and get cash for your items without having to leave home.  

Non designer items are sorted and weighed, payment is then made on the spot.

I pay upto £1 per kilo for non designer items.

Clearout & Bereavement Service

Designer Dress Agency does not limit the number of items you can sell to or through us.  This make the service perfect for those of you who have large quantities of clothes, shoes and accessories you want or need to get rid of quickly.  This may be due to a number of reasons:

  • House move
  • Move abroad
  • Move to care home
  • Weight loss / gain
  • Bereavement

I offer a sensitive bereavment service.  Having lost my mum many years ago and needing to sort out and dispose of her items, I have first hand experience of how hard this can be.  I can help you with this process so you are not alone.  Items are sold on the internet all over the world so there is no risk of seeing your loved ones item being worn by someone locally.  

Collection is free within 50 miles of Swindon + London, 100% discretion is assured at all times.